2020 BRM919Tokyo1000 Ride around Biwa Ichi (Lake Biwa)

This brevet has very flat route and is for these who strongly like to finish 1000km distance.  Isawa Kenko Land, Yamanashi is starting and goal place. Going to Lake Biwa through Okitsu, Omaezaki, Lake Hamanako, Okazaki city, Nagoya city, Sekigahara and Maibara. Go around Lake Biwa anti-clockwise. Then go back through same route.
After goal check, you will have good spa at Isawa Kenko Land. Elevation will be 3100m only.
No overnight control or drop bag will be provided by the organizer. Recommended overnight or self drop bag place are Kanayama in Nagoya city where outbound 330km and inbound 670km around. You can leave your bag at the start place and collect after goal.



This course are planned and may be changed any time before start.(コース図は、あくまで予定です。ご参考までに)

注意 Cautions

Heavy traffic are expected at major route (national route). Please watch very carefully at city area where cars tends to go into shops and restaurants along the road. Please make much time for your riding plan. Please have enough sheep time, it will be very dangerous to ride without proper sheep.


概要/Event information

  • スタート日:2020年9月19日(土曜日)
    Start Date: September 19 Saturday, 2020
  • スタート時間:4:00 / 5:00 / 6:00スタート
    Start Time: 4am / 5am / 6am (Please select. No duplicated entry are allowed)
  • スタート地:石和健康ランド
    Start Place: Isawa Kenko Land, Yamanashi
  • ゴール地:石和健康ランド
    Goal Place: Isawa Kenko Land, Yamanashi
  • 認定受付:石和健康ランド
    Goal Check: Isawa Kenko Land, Yamanashi
  • 距離:1000km
    Distance: 1000km
  • 認定時間:75時間以内
    Closing Time: 75 hours
  • 認定手数料:?円
    Fees: TBD
  • 認定受託予定数:120名
    Number of entry: 120 riders
  • 認定受託窓口:津村(お問い合わせは、問い合わせフォームから必ずBRM名を付記してお送りください)
    Person in charge: Tsumura

※ 予定、コース内容は予告なく変更されることもあります。ご注意ください。
Route and these information may be changed according to the circumstances without advance notification(s).


  • キューシート:準備中公開予定
    PC List: in preparation
    English PC List: Cue sheet will be provided in Japanese only. Instead, PC list in English and GPS data (above RWG) will be provided.

エントリー情報/Entry information

  • 申込受付:2020年8月1日(土)21時〜(一般)
    Entry Start: August 1, 2020 Saturday 9pm
  • 入金締切:2020年8月14日(金)15時(一般)
    Fee due: August 14, 2020 Friday 3pm
  • エントリーリスト:エントリーシステムから確認してください。
  • 宣誓書:「宣誓書」PDFをよくお読みいただきその内容に同意の上、当日、出走受付時に指示された出走リストに署名を行ってください。署名欄に署名されることで、「宣誓書」の内容にすべて同意されたとみなします。
    Declarations: Waiver must be signed at start means to understand and agree with these conditions. Waiver here.
  • Participants must understand following related rules and prepare required  equipments.
    – Must be 20 years or older at the start date.
    – Must ride with self support, own responsibilities.
    – Must understand and capable to follow BRM/AJ rules in Japan.
  • Please refer to http://www.audax-japan.org/brevet/brm/brm-part-regulation/
  •  Please refer to http://www.audax-japan.org/brm/insurance/
    – Must be covered by personal liabilities insurance for equivalent of 100 millions JPY or more in Japan during this brevet.

当日必要なもの/Mandatory equipment for this Brevets

  • Must follow BRM rules.
  • Randonuuers Tokyo local rules are applied.
  • Please consider these items
    Items Local Rules mandatory item Other Recommendations
    Front Lights 2 lights must be fixed with frame towards front. No flashing. Spare lights. Spare batteries.
    Tail Lights 2 red lights must fixed with frame solidly towards back. No flashing when light is on.
    Reflect Vest No belt are allowed, vest only. Must wear not only night time but also day time. Please be visible for both front and back.
    Bell Must be equipped
    Helmet Must wear helmet. And helmet tail light must be equipped.
    Cue Sheets, Brevet card Please store into water proofed case. Do not wet Brevet card. Damaged brevet card may lose hommologation.
    Pens Write time and signature brevet card.
  • Bike must be compliance with Japanese laws and rules.

Points riders must consider

  • Insurance: Insurance must be prepared by the participants.
  • This brevet may be canceled or postponed under certain conditions such as weather or other force majeure events before or after the start. For example, it may hit by typhoon. Cancel or postponed announcement will be notified on Randonnuers Tokyo homepage and/or via e-mail to the participants. No refund will be made in such a circumstances.
  • Support: No support will be provided by the organizer. All are covered by yourself.
  • Support among participants are allowed during this brevet. However, support with non-participants are not allowed. Ride with non-participants will be regarded  as support and cause disqualifications.
  • Support by non-participants are allowed at PC.
  • DNF: If you abandon this brevet, please send e-mail to the organizer. e-mail address are showed on Brevet Card.
  • 積雪、悪天候により中止する場合があります。当日判断する場合もあります。
  • 車で来られる方は、ご自身で駐車場を探し手配してください。
  • ゴールされたら認定受付まで来てください。
    Please come to Goal Check place after you get to Goal PC.
  • 認定受付でスタッフにレシート、ブルべカードを渡してください。
    Please preset Brevet Card, Evidences (Receipt,  show photos etc) to the goal staff.
  • ブルべカードには走行記録、所要時間とご自身のサインを記入してください。
    Please write all PC time, total time then sign on Brevet Card.
  • メダル希望者は現金1000円(お札で)を認定受付で払ってください。後払いは受け付けません。
    If you like to have finisher medal, please pay it by 1000 JPY note. No coins are accepted, no post payment are accepted.
  • ブルベ走行中、参加者同士のサポートや助け合いは認められていますが、非参加者(非エントリー者)と同行・併走した場合に、第三者のサポートを受けたとして「失格」になる場合があります。ご注意ください。
  • DNFされても自己責任です、回収車両等のサポートはありません。よく考えてください。
  • 出走当日に有効な第三者賠償責任保険に加入していることを再度、自分の責任にてご確認の上で出走ください。AJや各主催クラブが保険会社に対して確認することはありませんし、責任も負いません。
  • DNFの場合は認定受託窓口までメールでBRM名を付けて連絡ください(ブルべカードに印刷されています)。



  • Please contact organizer for how to submit entry for this event.